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Sod & Turf Services

Turf Installation:

It’s easy to see why artificial turf is becoming more popular. The process is extremely tedious and difficult; this type of installation requires individuals with an extensive amount of training and experience. Contact us to learn more and schedule a consultation.

Sod Installation:

Our team installs thousands of rolls and pallets each and every season. As a result, we have developed systems that produce a consistent, quality, and lasting product. Our team begins by stirring up the soil 1″ – 3″ with a special machine. They level the lawn and dig an edge along all hardscapes to achieve a flush fit once the sod is installed. Our sod is harvested the morning of the installation to ensure an optimal success rate. Once the sod has been installed, the lawn is heavily watered. Upon completion, we roll the sod with a larger roller to ensure feeder root contact. Your new lawn will flourish season after season with a little water and sunshine.

Our Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Services

Trimming & Pruning Shrubs

Professional Shrub Maintenance in Memhis, TN

Growing trees and hedges need a lot of maintenance so the overgrowth doesn’t crowd out itself and other plants. We’ll handle it!

Seasonal Cleanups

Professional Seasonal Cleanup Services in Memphis, TN

Debris from storms or the turning of the seasons nonetheless gets in the way – we’ll manage it for you while maintaining your landscape.

Replacing Dead Shrubs

Professional Shrub Removal & Replacement in Memphis, TN

Dead shrubs sadly hurt your lawn’s health as much as they are an eyesore. We’ll carefully extract it to help your lawn and your eyes.

Our Maintenance Services

We offer a variety of routine services for lawns and landscapes. Here is just a small sample of the unique services that we can provide for you:

  • Trimming & pruning shrubs
  • Removing any leaves & debris from beds
  • Pulling weeds by the roots (the right way)
  • Removing / replacing dead shrubs
  • Leaf removal & curbside pickup!
  • Land clearing & new construction prep
  • Brush clean-up & forestry mulching
  • Your project not listed? Contact us for a trustworthy referral!
Professional Landscape Maintenance Program in Memphis, TN

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