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Managing your lawn is a struggle beyond finding the time to maintain it. It needs consistent upkeep, usually on a schedule to keep your lawn thriving. Weeds and grown-out edges can appear faster than you can remove them. And, of course, all of this is not counting in the factors of the seasons to bring extra debris through leaves, sticks, or weeds.

From the beginning, Victory Landscape Services was formed to provide the best, most dedicated lawn care services to our local Memphis area. We put the client’s vision and convenience above everything else to provide the best possible service.

Lawn Care Professionals in Memphis, TN

Our Lawn Care Services

Residential Lawn Maintenance

Residential Lawn Maintenance Services in Memphis, TN

We can do weekly or biweekly mowings on your schedule to help treat your lawn right! Make sure it’s mowed with care and everything else is taken care of.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Commercial Lawn Maintenance Services in Memphis, TN

For your business’ land, we’ll be able to make sure that all of your property is mowed and cleaned to look its best for employees and clients alike.

Our Program

We pride our lawn care program on being client-focused and innovative in every way. We understand that price can play a big part in the buying decision and want to be transparent about our pricing structure. It is uncommon in our industry to share this information, but we believe that by making our costs, expenses, and prices transparent we will earn the trust of our customers, employees, and community.

That being said, we are not the right landscape company for some homeowners. If someone is looking for the cheapest service, Victory Landscape Services is not for them. We have standardized pricing on all the services we perform. We strive to make our company more efficient which allows us to have competitive pricing, though not the lowest price in town.

The table lists out the features included in our annual package, which is a yearly contract that ensures our very best service. For more information, feel free to contact us today!

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